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Your Vacation, Your Way

It’s obvious that when planning your European vacation you’ll have decisions to make on how your vacation dreams will best be filled. The easiest decision you’ll have is to choose DAMAR TRAVEL & CRUISE to help explain your best options, pricing and values to make your vacation dreams exceed all of your expectations.  Whether you are planning a honeymoon, romantic get-a-way, an anniversary celebration, or just a break from your day to day schedule-DAMAR TRAVEL’S experienced European specialists are ready to provide the professional answers to your questions.

314 997 6100 or 800 999 6101

The Continent

You want to travel “The Continent!” Yes, Europe awaits, with 50 different countries from which to choose ,so you’ll have many choices. Europe is a mecca of different languages, cultures, and nature’s beauty ranging from the high mountain ranges of the Swiss Alps,to the vibrant rivers, such as the Rhine, the Danube, The Seine, and The Thames. Let’s not forget the sun laden wine vineyards of Italy and France and so much more. Your DAMAR vacation be filled new foods, new experiences, and new stories to share.

First,you must decide “ What kind of vacation ,tour, or cruise will fill your heart and dreams?” Are you looking to really explore one or two cities and know them well? Checking out the many historical landmarks, spanning centuries of magnificent art, museums and natural landmarks?Then again, you might want to be more of the “on the go- let’s see it all on my vacation” type of traveler. In that case, DAMAR would most likely recommend an organized tour package where you would be transported from city to city, village or landmark experiencing a wide variety of regional sights.

That would include flying to different countries, being bused to museums and landmarks that are representative of the particular area- the Eiffel Tower and the Rive Gauche, the shops on the Chance Elysees, if you are visiting Paris.

You would see the Colosseum in Rome, the leaning Tower of Pisa if Italy is your chosen vacation playground. Perhaps you desire a more luxurious style and not in a group setting. DAMAR would design an “FIT” which would offer you your own independent exclusive tour package for only the sights you and your personal companions would be interested in visiting.

Cruising Europe

Another great option for visiting Europe is cruising. Now you’ll have the choice of cruising to the the great city ports of the Mediterranean on a large ship with multiple activities while you set sail. In addition to the wonderful land experiences in various European countries, you’ll also be able to partake in tasting a wide variety of fabulous foods prepared with recipes of the reigions, relaxing “days at sea” and grand styled musical extravaganzas while cruising in style. You could pamper yourself at the Spa, walk the decks while sailing, or partake in a spin class while cruising past the city of Marseille. Another possible choice to explore Europe is to take a more intimate "River Cruise"

Because so many cities and towns developed along waterways, river cruising allows you to sail directly into the main part of the city and walk off the ship into the heart of town. Don’t forget- when cruising, your “floating hotel” travels with you - so you’ll only have to pack and unpack once!.


DAMAR TRAVEL & CRUISE will include all pricing so there won’t be any surprises. Call 314 997 6100 or 800 999 6101 today!.
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