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Smorgasbord Travel

If you are considering GOING CRUISING? It's a great option for providing a smorgasbord approach to traveling. You’ll visit different destinations for very short periods of time and you’ll effectively have a taste and a smattering of the highlights of that destination. A cruise will allow you and your spouse the pleasure of only packing and unpacking one time, and then let the party begin! Whether you want to try a mega cruise liner with all entertainment, food and super on-board activities, or a unique small sailing vessel with a River Cruise. Both are exciting venues on the high seas.

Cruising Advantages

The Obvious

The obvious advantage of taking a floating oasis is being able to experience different islands, cities, or cultures dependent upon where you have chosen to cruise. Will you be visiting various ports in the Mediterranean, to enjoy the glory of Greece,the fashions of France, the passion of Italy, perhaps you’ll be tasting homemade pasta with your Grandma’s recipe from Napoli? Maybe you’ll choose to cruise to the western Caribbean where you may experience the islands and different cultures of Mexico, Jamaica the Grand Caymans. Where you choose to cruise is really a personal matter but guidance is needed.

Internet Pricing

 Don’t let the Internet fool you with low entry pricing. Some cruise lines show you ONLY the Cruise PORTION for base pricing. It is a common misconception by most people that it is showing the total cruise price. It’s not. In addition, You will still have to pay the port taxes, fuel sur-charge, air transportation ,air taxes and ( luggage fees, transfers, and travel insurance if you opt to take it ), which Damar highly recommends. You could easily be paying two to thee times as much as the you initially see on the internet! You may not be shown or quoted your total expense cost with other internet sites.

Your Vacation, Your Way

DAMAR TRAVEL & CRUISE will include all pricing so there won’t be any surprises. Call 314 997 6100 or 800 999 6101 to help you sail away on your magical cruise vacation.
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